Massive Ecuador Earthquake kills above 400 & Tsunami Warning

An earthquake shook the central coast of Ecuador with a magnitude of 7.8 on the scale. This happened on Saturday killing at least 41 as per the reports. The higher officials said that the death rate may increase more. Country’s Vice president, Jorge Glas has informed the nation that a state of emergency in effect and measures are being taken to evacuate in the coastal region as there are possible risks of a tsunami.

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The tremor was about 16.8 miles southeast of Muisne according to theĀ United States Geological Survey. Quito the capital city which is locatedĀ 108 miles from the earthquake effected region reported with no damage or injuries. For some parts of the Ecuador, The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center issued a tsunami warning which stated that the waves could be 3feet above a tide level. It also canceled warning’s to the nations with coastlines on the Pacific which were earlier issued.

In the Pedernales district, a number of homes collapsed damaging the parked cars. In some parts of the city, the sign boards fell creating panic in the drivers. The city Mayor Mauricio Rodas said that there have been rockslides on the roads and a large number of walls of the houses collapsed and no reports of injuries and fatalities have been reported in the capital.


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