How to add multiple destinations in Google Maps in Android

Google Maps provides directions between one start point and a destination in your Android smartphone. The application is not prepared to give route options to somebody making a trip from spot A to B by means of C, D or E or different destinations. The search giant hasn’t dropped any hints to introduce it anytime soon either.

In the desktop version, google maps support’s the use of multiple destinations. According to a report on Android Police, users can take advantage of the same on their Android smartphone as well, without Google’s help.

Procedure for multiple destinations :

In the desktop version, open Google Maps and make a search for multiple destination. For this, select a source and then add the intermediate stop instead of selecting the final destination. Now for selecting the final destination you have to click on the small plus sign which is located opposite to “Options”  on the left-hand side blue panel.


When you follow the steps now you can enter a final destination. Now you will be getting the directions to multiple destinations in the desktop version and now copy the URL and just send to the smartphone using email, messaging platform etc. Now while opening the URL in the smartphone just use google maps to open the URL. Now google maps will show the direction of multiple destinations in your smartphone.




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