Volkswagen Emission Scandal Deal Fixed in US

Volkswagen on Thursday had made a deal to fix or buy nearly about 500,000 diesel cars in the United States which were equipped with illegal emission software. The District Court in San Fransico, Judge Charles R. Breyer of the united states said that the company made an agreement with the federal government and the lawyers for vehicle owners in  the United States. The company has said that it has 11 million diesel cars that were equipped with the illegal software. United states have imposed a government fine of $18 billion to Volkswagen. A top research firm in the United States, Kelley Blue Book had an estimate of buying all the cars will illegal emission software in the United states at $7 billion. Sources say that Judge Breyer said that owners will receive additional “substantial compensation” and that the agreement “will fully address any excess emissions and environmental consequences.” He gave lawyers in the case until June 21 to complete details of the settlement and said that members of the public would then have a chance to comment.



Emission Flow of Volkswagen :


The defeat device allowed Volkswagen to cheat on the emissions tests in the United States by recognizing when cars were being monitored and changing the exhaust settings. In testing, the cars dialed up pollution controls. Volkswagen, Porsche and Audi cars with 2-liter or 3-liter diesel engines models from years 2008 to 2015 are included in the illegal emission software scam. In Frankfurt trading ,Volkswagen shares increased more than 5 before the announcement on Thursday was made.But they are still down more than 20 percent since Sept. 18, when the illegal emission software scandal became public.
In the countries like  Britain, France, Germany and South Korea Volkswagen faces official investigations and has possible criminal proceedings. In Europe, the owners of nearly 11 million diesel cars are angry with the illegal software as they did not receive any compensations. The company in Europe has decided to reprogram the engine software and for some cased to install a plastic part which helps in lower emissions. United States law gives owners significant scope to seek redress in court.

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