Skull Echoes Turns Into Passwords

The new trend is now skull echoes are turned into passwords. Human memory is weak, so weak familiar terms. To avoid these familiar terms in passwords, with numbers , capitalization, and special characters. These are complicated and humans forget them easily as they have to answer security questions which will be familiar to a person which will be easily hacked. You’ll never forget your password when your skull makes a sound.

Generating New Passwords :

Researchers from Perceptual User Interfaces have a better idea, located inside people’s heads. It uses the unique sounds their skulls make. In this, a biometric system is used that uses sound from the user’s skull as well as a microphone readily into many of these devices, such as Google Glass. When the user’s skull creates a characteristic frequency response a method is used to analyze which is know as SkullConduct. When the device plays a unique sound pattern into a person’s head which makes a unique sound back and it bounces around and reverberates through the user’s head. It creates new kind of password when it is re-worn to recognize the pattern. It is focused on Google Glass with just 10 users. We can also expect some more bone conductivity generating passwords which will be more similar to these design.






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