Sony To Bring 2 Step Verification for PSN

Sony came up with a new idea for improving the security for its PlayStation Network (PSN) in respect to hacks involving the PSN. Sony will be implementing the latest security measure of Two-Step Verification for its PlayStation Network. In order to add security to its PlayStation user’s sony has taken this security measure to implement the two-step verification for PSN as per the sources from a representative of Sony. The release date is not yet confirmed but an Official announcement will be made shortly.

Sony Two-Step Verification:

The two-step verification will be used to keep the hacker away from the PlayStation user’s which involves a user should log in with a normal login and the other being a code or finger-print as a security measure. Sony has not yet confirmed the exact type of two-step verification method but they may be using a code based verification where a code is sent to their mobile phone for the second login other than the normal user login.

This idea to add extra security measure has been made when PS3 and PSP users were unable to play online for almost 23 days when a hack left PSN paralysed. Sony investigated the intrusion and then rebuilt the PlayStation Network before bringing it back online. Sony updated the PS3’s firmware to version 4.80 in which if users enter incorrect login information then it is asked for the two-step verification which is currently not available on PSN. Those accounts are used on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita, the web, the PlayStation mobile app and the PlayStation Portable.

Microsoft added two-step verification to Microsoft accounts, including Xbox Live accounts, three years ago.



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