Glass Disc Can Store 360 TB of Data For 13.8 Billion Years

The new innovation where we can store the information more than a billion year. Researchers made a nanostructured glass plate which can store 360 TB advanced information for 13.8 billion years. The gigantic measure of information on this circle is put away utilizing laser composing. As the position of information and size assumes a part it is known as five-dimensional computerized science (5d).

Glass Disc sddefault

The glass plate can accumulate to 360 Terabytes which is equivalent to half million traditional CDs and can be steady at the temperature up to 1000 celsius. As the lifetime of the information stockpiling is long and stable it will valuable for large associations and the legislature which has vast chronicles. Indeed, even the libraries and national files can utilize this glass plate so that the data and information from the beginning can be put away for next eras.

The glass storage discs can hold a whopping 360 terabytes each, are stable at temperatures up to 1,000°C (1,832°F) and are expected to keep the data intact for 13.8 billion years at room temperature (anything up to 190°C, or 374°F). The researchers are now looking for companies to help bring this data storage technology to market. The ORC engineers are set to present their new technology at the upcoming International Society for Optical Engineering Conference in California.

Tech Specifications :

Storage : 360 TB

Duration: 13.8 Billion Years

Temperature: Up to 1,000 degrees Celsius  or 1,832 degrees Fahrenheit.


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