Digital Pen That Records Everything You Write

A computerized/Digital pen is an info gadget which catches the hand-writing or brush strokes of a person, changes over written by hand simple data made utilizing “pen and paper” into advanced information, empowering the information to be used in different applications. For instance, the written work information can be digitized and transferred to a PC and showed on its screen. The information can then be translated by penmanship programming (OCR) to permit the computerized pen to go about as a content passage interface and be utilized as a part of various applications or pretty much as illustrations.

Digital Pen :

Digital Pen DaneElec-ZPen-1-1 epos_review_1


In spite of the advanced age, despite everything we utilize pens. Be that as it may, it is awesome to have our manually written notes and drawings digitally recorded without using a scanner. The Zpen from Dane-Elec is a remote pen that uses a clasp on a beneficiary to digitally record what you compose. It transfers the data to your PC where it can be seen, altered and recorded as a word handling archive. The advanced pen uses character acknowledgment programming and works by recording development. Highlights incorporate profile creation, a word reference, and fifteen dialect alternatives.

Different Digital Pens :

Livescribe 3

Sky Wifi

Neo Smart Pen N2

Echo Smart Pen

Mobile Notes Pro 2

There are several ways digital pens capture pen strokes. The best digital pens use technology developed by the Anoto Group that uses a camera near the pen tip to track with microdots printed on paper. However, most digital pens use a positional device that clips to the top of your paper and tracks a sensor in the pen’s tip as it moves across the paper, allowing you to write on any surface.

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