WhatsApp To Add Callback, Voicemail and Zip File Sharing

India’s #1 social messaging app WhatsApp which is owned by Facebook has turned seven years old earlier this week. WhatsApp is trying to keep extra security features and take care its customers. WhatsApp added a lot of new features in the past months and is now about to add few more features. WhatsApp for iOS and Android will now be added with an extra feature ” WhatsApp Call Back” that will show a notification for missed call with an option of callback option as per the reports by PhoneRadar. This new feature has a speciality¬†of making a call back without opening WhatsApp.

share-pdf-exe-zip-apk-with-whatsapp-600x309 WhatsApp-Voice-Mail-Android-app

WhatsApp new features which will be going to introduce WhatsApp voicemail feature for iOS. It is introducing new options like, ” Record Voice Mail” and “Send Voice Mail” buttons will be available for its iOS users to send voice mail¬†during a call. The company is also adding WhatsApp Zip file sharing which helps its customers an easy way to transfer large files. The present version of WhatsApp users can share PDF, DOCX, DOC, and VCF files. The all 3 features which will be added are currently in a beta testing phase. The company says this three new features can be launched anytime in the market for use to its users.



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