Jon Snow Alive: Game Of Thrones S6

Jon Snow is a major character in the first, second, third, fourth,fifth, and sixth seasons. He is played by starring cast member Kit Harington, and debuts in the series premiere.

Jon Opening His Eyes

Jon Snow Alive Scene

The hotly anticipated answer came amid the last snippets of Game of Thrones 6×02. After a long and expand restoration service by Melisandre appeared to come up short, Jon Snow opened his delightful cocoa eyes from the murkiness of death. Kit Harington has done a sensational job lying to the press the past 11 months.

Three major things in season 6 episode 2 were,

  • Hodor said something that wasn’t Hodor!
  • Ramsay stabbed his father to death and fed his newborn baby brother to the dogs. Classic Ramsay.
  • Balon Grey joy died, as prophesised, at the hands of Euron on a rope bridge in the Iron Islands.

Episode 3 overview:

The third episode of season 6 is cunningly-titled Oathbreaker. Most assumed this was to do with Brienne and her ‘Oathkeeper’ sword, but in light of tonight’s events it probably refers to Jon Snow.

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