TouchJet Turns Any Surface Into A Touch Screen

We have seen numerous devices which can extend on any surface. Making that surface as a touchscreen is the key component of this contraption TouchJet lake pico projector. The contraption is modest and simple to convey and extend any film, presentations in the meeting, video calls. It has numerous info choices like HDMI, SD memory card, Streaming, USB, Wireless mouse, WIFI backing And Audio yield. It is a handheld projector and it can extend 80-inch show on any surface. Any android gadget like tab, the cell phone can be shown and collaborated while anticipating at first glance.

TouchJet Pond: Amazon

This contraption incorporates the stylus which is utilized for connection at first glance, without the stylus the surface can’t be utilized as a touchscreen. Utilizing this device we can perform every one of the operations which we can in the cell phone. This touch jet device gives a pinpoint precision same as an ordinary stylus in a cell phone.

Touch Jet Projector:

It can be utilized as a part of numerous routes by various individuals like the educator to exhibit in class, kids for playing and watching films, video calls should be possible utilizing this contraption, business moderators. Touchjet’s can be utilized as the business, stimulation, instruction.

How the stylus functions are, the projections are made utilizing infrared. Infrared identifies the Stylus position and permits to control it. The span of Touch jet lake is as same as Samsung universe s4 however, weighs marginally more than S4. Touch Jet fits in a pocket and different touches can be set aside a few minutes.

Touch Jet includes:

  • Touchjet Pond Projector with a built-in computer pre-loaded with Android apps, the Android operating system and 18 GB of user-addressable memory
  • 1 Power Supply (5vdc, 3A)
  • 1 Battery
  • 2 Styli
  • 1 Airmouse
  • 1 USB (OTG) cable for PC hookup or accessories
  • 1 User Guide
  • 6 AAA Batteries (for the two styli and Airmouse)
  • 1 Carrying Case

TouchJet Pond: Amazon

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