Finger Reading Device | Finger Reader For Blind

Finger Reader is the gadget which helps mostly who likes to read the books, It gives  us more interest in  studying. Everyone likes to hear the text instead of studying it and we know that which we see and hear will be stored easily than reading it. Thi gadget  was developed by MIT researchers. It will be more helpful for blind access.


Finger reader is used as a ring to an index  finger and we have to move on the line. It scans the text from the built-in camera which is at a the top of a ring and can read the text easily and that reads the words loudly, translating the word to audio. It detects the words and converts into speech format .

It can detect the 12 text size and that words can be heard by the device. If the line is changed unknowingly the gadget recognises  the deviation and informs to rearrange on the line.

This finger reader gadget is so small and used on papers, books, magazines and digital devices. This gadget gives small vibrations to make sure the user move away from the text in a line.

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