Celluon Magic Cube Makes Any Surface As Keyboard

Using new technology the gadgets are manufactured in small size with technical features. This Smallest keyboard where the keyboard is not an object, it is the projection from the magic cube. The device can be used by connecting a PC or iPad  by mini USB cable and it is also charged when it is connected by Usb .


No software is needed to install in the PC for using this device just connect and use at any time. When we click on any key on the projection is gives a tapping sound so that it will be easy that the key is pressed without fail.

The brightness of projection, the sensitivity of the touch can also be customized by the user according to the user interest.The defaults sounds are loud so we can customize the volume accordingly. This device can also be connected by Bluetooth. This device works with android devices and few iOS devices. The connection between the device and the phone should be consistent so that it can work  perfectly without the drop down in connections.

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This gadget is the different way of the keyboard which gives slightly enthusiastic while using it because this is totally different than the physical keyboard. By using this gadget we can type the words 50words per minute with accuracy.

The main issue raises in the projections because when the projection are in the exact size and brightness. The accuracy and the word typing speed depended on by the projections customization. It may be a problem for the people who use this gadget for playing games. because, while playing we need a physical device so that we can know that we have clicked it but this gadget is a touch on the desk and the speed of the clicking may be a problem.

The new technology is used to make the MAGIC CUBE device so easy working, different appearance and by using touch. Also, check out our awesome new watchbands for smartwatches.


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