Yecup 365 Smart Mug With Temperature To Cool, Heat Drinks

The Smart cup(YECUP) gadget sounds like what it is. A new technology smart cup which works in all type of climatic conditions.  In summer, many people like to drink cold water which is not available at all the times. The cool water or a juice which we carry in the bottle doesn’t last a long time due to the temperature outside .


This gadget YECUP is made with a new technology which can change the temperature of the water or juice inside like cool, hot, boiling, normal, warm. The temperature of the water can be set by using a phone  which is connected.

Some people like to drink coffee or tea for a long time because they want to enjoy the drink and feel it, but they will be irritated to boil it again and again. this gadget made easy to them because they can put a boiling temperature till they finish the drink.


Carrying this mug is easy and will be helpful while travelling, snow places, campaigns,  desert places. It has another feature like a phone can be charged three times using a USB port to the mug. The mug has a built-in battery in it, we have to charge it and it shows the remaining battery percentage in the mug so that we can charge it depending on the usage.

When the drink inside the mug is ready to the temperature we set it sends us a notification in phone stating drink is ready. We can also take selfies using yecup  by clicking on the take a selfie. The information about the temperature and battery life of the Yecup mug will be shown on the phone application.

There are many advantages of this Yecup mug for all the age people, mostly who like to drink  hot coffee.

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