Charge With Solar Power Wireless Window Socket

The Window Socket is an idea so fabulously simple, it’s slightly amazing. The Window Socket attaches easily to any window and is charged with solar energy. There are many places where the electricity is not available, and sometimes we want to carry a gadget which can supply the power without any connections. This gadget is simply superb invented by Kyuho Song and Boa Oh. This gadget Window socket which gets power supply using solar power.


It has an internal battery  which stores the power  from solar.  It  can be used in many ways like we can charge our phone while traveling by just sticking it to a window where sun rays can fall on it. By the battery which is inbuilt we can store the power and use it in nighttime or we can use at the same time.

According to the researcher, it can be used in buses, planes, villages where there is scarcity in electricity. Maybe many features will be added in the future to the gadget like charge capacity, efficiency in the charge, an increase in the charge time.


As the socket and the gadget size is too small it can only store less power like 1000mAh which can provide one charge to the phone. If it is a USB one then the power can be more but if it is standard one it takes less power. The battery in it is fully charged in 5 to 8 hours and it can continuously charge for 10 hours. This gadget is not worth to household appliances as it consumes more power which cannot be provided by this gadget.

It can be used in cars windshield, home windows, cities where electricity is provided for only a few hours and many more places.


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