Tap Strap Turns Any Surface Into A Keyboard | Wearable Keyboard

Welcome to Tap, the communications platform of the future! Tap is a one-handed, Bluetooth-wearable virtual console that that transmits to your gadget by just tapping your fingers on any surface. With Tap, your fingers turn into the way to speaking with the world by partner tapping mixes with every letter of the letter set; all particular, extraordinary and simple to learn.

Worn on the hand, the device is similar in concept to the Air Mouse wearable mouse and the Gest gesture control glove. It is designed to produce more outputs than the former, though, and is more tailored for a¬†purpose than the latter. The startup manufacturer behind the device, Tap Systems, says it provides “fast, accurate and eyes-free” typing for iOS and Android phones and tablets, Mac and Windows PCs and smart TVs.

Users pull the Tap Strap onto the hand like a glove, with holes for each finger and for the thumb. It can be worn on either the right or left hand, or one can be worn on each hand for two-handed typing. Three taps of the thumb will switch on the Tap Strap and three taps of the ring finger will switch it off.

Once the strap has been donned and switched on, it can be paired with the device to be controlled, after which users can start typing immediately. Sensors embedded in the strap monitor the movement of the hand and fingers, with different fingers tapped in different combinations to type different characters.

There are large, medium and small versions of the Tap Strap. It is charged via micro USB and takes three hours to fully charge from empty. Once fully charged, it can be typed with for four hours or left on standby for 72 hours.



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