Bairo Engage A Secure Doctor & Patient Cloud Communication

In the present generation communication between patients and doctors have been not good. Bairo Engage came up with a new secured messaging which mainly helps to communicate between the doctors and patients. This helps in continuous communication between both and is done securely.  It has private messaging and also has an option for group messaging which is 100% private and secure. This helps in organizing and managing workflow for creating and managing health care appointments.

Bairo which is a cloud-based healthcare technology is more efficient and stores all the patient data in the cloud server. The data will be available to the patients and health care teams 24*7 which helps in minimizing the resources and is cost efficient. Bairo Engage is user-friendly which has an admin dashboard that allows to easy access of calendar, files, health care providers, appointments etc.

” Bairo Engage Helps in secure messaging between health care teams and patients.”

This secure cloud technology offers comfort and much portability to its clients. The cloud structure permits both healthcare  experts and approved patients to get to imperative records and information on a cell phone, tablet and other portable contraptions without unique contents and settings.


Bairo SmartHealth was released in the Android app store, Google Play, while Bairo Engage was released for iOS in Apple’s App Store. Worked for Healthcare, Bairo Engage secures business correspondence and enhances work processes and permits medicinal services experts to be more powerful.

Bairo Engage Features:

● Cloud-based, isolated HIPAA-compliant database.
● 100% secure private, group conversations with providers, teams, and patients.
● Send Audio, Video, and patient reports, files and images on a fully-encrypted cloud.
● Book Appointments and set reminder alerts.
● Notifications keeps you in sync across all your devices.
● Message read receipts and escalating offline messages, email, and SMS notifications.
● Secured SMS messaging.
● Enhanced workflows for healthcare professionals including an ability to send, approve, edit documents.
● App based Discharge summaries.
● Admin dashboard control with users, reports, search, and archive.
● EHR integration.
● Attach and share any type of files securely.
● Manage and access contacts easily.
● Professional consultation services (10 hours per month).

Free Services:

  • Secure Messaging
  • Priority Messaging
  • Secure Attachments
  • Auto forward
  • Rooms
  • Message Confirmation
  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Push notifications and SMS reminders, alerts

Premium Services:

  • Administrator dashboard control with users, reports, search and archive
  • HIS integration
  • Integrated Corporate directories
  • Trends
  • Message Archiving

To get started with Download the app , you need to create an account and select a health care provider and wait for the approval from the Bairo team. If your health care provider is not registered with Bairo, you can feel free to contact your healthcare provider and send and email to

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