Avasaraniko Abaddam Movie HD Trailer Download

Avasaraniko Abaddam is an upcoming movie Starring Are Lokesh, Rajesh ,and Shashank, Geetha Anjali. Lokesh plays the main male role in this movie. Geethanjali leads female role in this Movie. Avasaraniko Abaddam Movie Director and written By Suresh kV. This movie is produced by a group of friends. This Movie Horror oriented Movie.

Avasaraniko Abaddam HD Trailer:

The trailer of the movie clearly depicts the story what director wants to show on screen. The Horror saga movies are quite common in Telugu Industry but, ‘Avasaraniko Abaddham’ clearly shows the Passion of Director and cinematographer to make a film.

The trailer starts with a girl sitting on a branch of a tree in a forest followed by a girl walking behind a person with a back over voice. Voice suits aptly to the Narration of the story line. A group of friends in a forest, who gets to know black magic and Soul following, made them go to the peaks. The Dialogues in the trailer creates interest to all the movie lovers especially who loves adventurous and horror saga movies.


Cast & Crew:

  • Starring: Lokesh, Rajesh, and Shashank, Geethanjali
  • Director:Suresh KV
  • Story: Suresh KV
  • Writer: Suresh KV
  • Producers: Group of Friends
  • Music Director: Sai Karthik

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