Automated Selfie Stick Features & Reviews

Automated SelfieStick with Fans And Beauty Lights, Disregard the flying selfie stick. Makers of the Lifetime TV show Unreal came to viral advertising organization Thinkmodo with a test. Create a cool, fascinating approach to advance the show’s new season, which begins airing on June 6.

Thinkmodo thought of the world’s initially computerized selfie stick, complete with fans for wind-cleared hair and magnificence lights to make your face look impeccable. Keeping in mind there are just two of these on the planet and they truly work.

Automated Selfie Stick

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Do whatever it takes not to hold your breath for these telescopic selfie sticks to be open for purchase anytime sooner rather than later, yet here’s to believing they move someone to make and offer a customer adjustment. Who wouldn’t have any craving to get the supermodel treatment every time they take a selfie.


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