Hovering StepRover

Hovering StepRover is the new tech wheelchair which is used in different ways. It can be used in any position while entering into the vehicle and while sleeping. The height can be adjusted accordingly. Using this we can set up the size and height for different situations.

Hovering StepRover wheelchair can also be used to pick the things which are in height without getting out of a wheelchair. Even while sleeping to get onto the bed we don’t need to get up the wheelchair. The chair can be settled to some position to roll onto the bed.

 Hovering Step Rover

Hovering Step Rover

Hovering StepRover wheelchair helps in many different ways with the new technology. StepRover gives individuals unfathomable portability in view of the licensed strategy for movement. This gadget has been designed on an exclusive idea ensured by National and International Intellectual Property Rights.

The licenses have been conceded in the USA, Canada, and the European Union. None of us are resistant to chance or having a future requirement for this gadget. We have a probability to offer you a rebate authentications, and you have a chance to get them for your family or yourself. StepRover’s can also be used for climbing steps without getting out from Wheelchair. StepRover’s is easy to operate and good looking gadget. It can be set at any position i.e. while driving the car it can be set as a driving seat, height accordingly while eating in front of a dining table.

Hovering Step Rover Advantages:

  • It Can be used to climb the stairs without getting up out of a wheelchair.
  • New Technology Used with extraordinary features.
  • Can be used to roll onto a bed by setting position of chair.
  • Height of the chair can be set
  • The chair angel can be set to 180 degrees.
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