Wynd: The World’s Smartest Portable Air Purifier

Wynd is really a two-in-one air observing and separating machine. A separable, cut on the following module detects particles noticeable all around from sources. For example, smoke, microorganisms, mold spores, exhaust cloud and allergens and reports information to a sidekick cell phone application. Here, clients can beware of the air quality in their surroundings and get alarms when contamination achieves risky levels.

A2Wynd can be left in auto mode, which will consequently change its cleaning levels in light of the encompassing air quality. It works by attracting air through vents and going it through a restorative evaluation sift before pumping it through of the highest point of the gadget. Then again, clients can take air quality control into their own particular hands. It has a handle on top that can be turned left or right to set a filtration level somewhere around 0 and 100.

Wynd Mobile Application:


The application additionally gives the client an effortlessly absorbable measure of the amount of contamination has been separated before entering their lungs. It offers a milligram figure of particulate matter or notwithstanding changing over that into a cigarette identical. You can likewise monitor loved individuals with Wynds of their own to see what sort of air they’re breathing.

Wynd Specifications:

Fit for separating eight liters (2.11 lady) of air every second. The group behind Wynd claims it can purge 70 percent of particles in an ordinary auto lodge inside 10 minutes and 70 percent of PM10 (coarse) particles in a semi-encased stroller by 70 percent.


It Weighs 0.6 lb (272 g) and measuring 2.8 in (7.11 cm) at its base. Wynd is about the size of a regular water bottle. It will last for eight hours of typical use before you’ll need to recharge via USB-C cable. It is a process that takes four hours and also powers up the detachable tracker.

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