Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Specs|Pros|Cons|Review

The Galaxy Note 7 is very clearly another complementary piece to sit above the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge, and for that reason, it has a lot in common with those phones. The internal specs are nearly identical, and that means it has also inherited the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge’s waterproofing and great cameras as well. With a dual-curved screen, the Note 7 also has the “Edge UX” software found on the Galaxy S7 edge.

But this is still a Note 7 in the end, bringing with it some new features and a freshly refined design. More internal storage, an improved S Pen, a fresh look in the software and an oft-rumored iris scanner all arrive on the Note 7 to differentiate it as well.


THE GOOD: The Galaxy Note 7 is a beautiful, capable Android phone that showcases Samsung’s best in design, battery life, speed, and features. The 64GB base model leaves you plenty of space for photos, videos, and games, and it’s a real improvement over 2015’s Note 5.

THE BAD: It’s pricier than almost every other Android phone, and a little heavy. After seven iterations, there are still minor problems writing with the S Pen stylus. Fine particles, like beach sand, can wedge the stylus in its holder.

THE BOTTOM LINE: The Galaxy Note 7 is the best no-compromise, a big-screen phone you can buy if the price is no object. All but the most devoted stylus lovers, however, will do just as well with the cheaper S7 models.


galaxy-note7_note_the_edge1 galaxy-note7_note_the_edge2 galaxy-note7_note_the_edge3 galaxy-note7_simplicity1 galaxy-note7_simplicity2 galaxy-note7_simplicity3 galaxy-note7_simplicity4 galaxy-note7_simplicity5 galaxy-note7_simplicity6

Note 7 Price:

    Availability Price
US August 19 $834-$880 (varies by carrier) Blue, black, and silver
UK September 2 £580-£630* Blue, black, and silver
AU August 19 AU$1,349 Black, silver, and gold



New S Pen:

  • Navigating with the pen keeps the screen cleaner and reduces repetitive-stress finger strain.
  • There’s now just one Notes app for all your writing, not five separate apps.
  • You can jot a note from the lock screen, and pin it there.
  • The stylus won’t get stuck in its holder if you put it in upside down (it might actually spring across the room).
  • The S Pen worked after we dunked the entire phone in 2.5 feet of water for 28 minutes (it’s rated for 30 minutes in about 5 feet of water).



















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