Ticwatch 2: The Most Interactive Smart Watch

Ticwatch 2 is a smartwatch made by Mobvoi, a Chinese based company founded by ex-Googlers. The company’s philosophy is basically the same and Google has now invested in it. Known for their Chumenwenwen (出门问问) software which is a powerful voice search engine/assistant they created a smartwatch designed by Frog.

TicWatch 2 Four Main Interaction Methods

Touch: Swipe up, down, left, right, and long press to seamlessly transition between content.Intera

Voice Activation: Designed to make life simpler. Check the weather, browse local restaurants, or call a taxi. Just say, “Ok, Tico.”

Gesture Control: Activate important watch features with easy gestures. Flip your wrist to answer calls, activate Tico voice search, and switch between Quick-cards.

Tickle: Interact without ever covering your screen. Use Tickle to zoom in on maps, adjust volume, scroll through menus, and adjust work goals.

Ticwatch 2

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TicWatch 2 Complete Info:


Different Styles:

Onyx: Pitch black, luxurious, exquisitely crafted with black stainless steel.


Oak: Classic, brown oak leather strap donning a timeless silver stainless steel frame.

Snow: Beautiful, soft white silicone encompassing a lightweight silver aluminum frame.

Charcoal: Agile, modest, a standard in excellence with a black aluminum frame and charcoal silicone finish.

TicWatch 2 Kickstarter:



  • Screen: Round OLED display – 1.4 inch/ 36mm – 287ppi
  • Processor: 1.2GHz dual-core MT 2601
  • Memory: 512M RAM + 4G ROM
  • Bluetooth: Bluetooth v4.1
  • WLAN: 802.11 b/g/n
  • Built in Sensors: Dynamic optical heart rate sensor, acceleration sensor, gyroscope,Glonass sensors, GPS
  • Built-in Hardware: Linear motors, anti-noise microphone, speakers
  • Waterproofing: IP65
  • Strap: 20mm
  • Battery: 300mAh TiCharge(trademark wireless charge technology) enabled
  • Tickle Strip: Hidden under shell


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