Director Wants to ‘Spit’ on PV Sindhu’s Silver Medal

As far back as PV Sindhu of Hyderabad secured Silver award in Rio Olympics, everybody is attempting to utilize her name to get consideration. While few are guaranteeing credit for her prosperity, others are putting forth her endowments to hit features. In the mean time, an honor winning Malayalam film executive has found a vastly different approach to make it to features by utilizing damaging dialect against Sindhu’s accomplishment.


This chief named Sanal Kumar Sasidharan composed on his Facebook divider addressing why everybody was praising the triumph of Sindhu. He inquired as to whether he spits on her accomplishment.

For this disdainful post, Sasidharan got serious feedback from the normally irate Indians. Numerous opined that he was searching for some shabby exposure utilizing Sindhu’s name. Subsequent to getting an (expected) backfire, the Malayali executive composed another post to pass on that his announcement was a just mockery and the general population who began reviling him didn’t comprehend his genuine aims.

Regardless of his elucidation, the misuse keep on pouring on him.

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