iPhone 7 vs Samsung S7 Water Test

Here is the video of iPhone 7 vs Samsung S7 Deepwater test. It’s clearly shown that the Samsung s7 dies at 35 Feet water which is kept in water for 5 minutes where iPhone 7 still works with some screen issues. Finally, iPhone7 wins over Samsung S7. This video is going viral on social networks.

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Deep Water Test 

The first test saw both devices submerged to a depth of about 5 feet for 5 minutes. Upon inspection, both devices, not surprisingly, were still running smoothly after the 5-minute mark.

The second test saw both devices go down to 10 feet of water for 5 minutes. After pulling both of the devices out of the water, they were — surprise, surprise — still completely functional.

After a few more tests, it was time to up the ante. For the main event, both devices were submerged at a depth of 35 feet for 5 minutes. After retrieving both devices, the S7 had turned off and was not able to be powered on. The iPhone 7, impressively enough, was still functional though there were signs of water damage. All in all, the iPhone managed to pull this one out.

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