KCR New Residence With 150 Rooms|CM KCR New Camp Office

Telangana Cheif Minister KCR will venture into his new living residence which is in the old IAS quarters premises. Spread over a sprawling 8.9 acres of land, this new residence building will serve as KCR’s residence cum office and can have a meeting with 1,000 visitors.

The foundation stone for the ‘high tech’ camp office was laid in March this year. Officials said the works have been taken up on a fast pace on the instructions of the Chief Minister and the whole construction activity would be completed before the ‘Muhurtham’ set for the housing warming ceremony.

The officials said the new camp office would be equipped with hi-tech video conferencing facility linking all district headquarters and police head offices to hold meetings in the emergency times. All the camp office premises would come under high-security zone where security would be monitored through CCTVs round the clock. All the buildings in the new camp office would be constructed as per Vaastu guidelines only. The new camp office, taken up at the cost of Rs 36 crore, would be equipped with a mini-theatre and a big conference hall with a capacity of 500 seats.

KCR New Residence

While KCR and his wife will step into their new house with a housewarming service on October 24th, rival opposition leaders are seeing red over his lavish expenditures. T-TDP’s Polit Bureau Member Ravula Chandrasekhar Reddy lashed out at KCR. Mixed response is being heard in this luxurious building. Few TDP leaders mentioned that KCR forgot about the promise of 2 bedroom house for the poor and is concentrating on having his own 150 rooms house. On the other hand, Telangana tops in revenue growth rate and hence few people were feeling that KCR is earning that much for the state and there is nothing wrong in having a luxurious accommodation and office.

More over, this residence may give grand look for the overseas investors and may attract them to invest further in the state considering Telangana to be the upcoming prosperous state.

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