Murali Vijay’s Wife Is Dinesh Karthik’s Ex-wife Real Story

You will be shocked to realize that some of our most loved cricket players  were included in a love triangle. Yes, you read it right. Batsman Murali Vijay and wicket keeper Dinesh Karthik had been decent companions for a long time however the fellowship got crushed due to this affection triangle. Murali Vijay got involved in a love affair with Dinesh Karthik’s wife. Both the cricketers were in team India and shared a good relationship till Murali Vijay became the reason for Dinesh Karthik’s divorce with his wife.

Dinesh and Nikita married in 2007. Their families were really close and they decided to convert their childhood friendship into marriage. Things were going fine till Nikita came in contact with Murali Vijay during IPL 5 in 2012. As soon as Dinesh came to know about Nikita’s relation with Murali, he divorced Nikita silently and avoided creating any scene.

Nikita and Murali married each other soon after Nikita’s divorce. Well, this love triangle is not much known by general people as both Murali Vijay and Dinesh Karthik have kept slient on this issue.

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