Taarajuvvalu Telugu Movie HD Trailer

The teaser of ‘Taarajuvvalu’ movie has been released on the occasion of Children’s Day.  This movie is directed by Mahesh Kathi, the school drama is produced by Naga Mallareddy.


Well known Actor cum writer Kathi’s has made his debut film Taarajuvvalu as an director in the Telugu Film Industry. This film Taarajuvvalu is mainly focused on the a school/educational story. The film is mainly focused on the importance of Science. This movie is related to children, the movie’s teaser was released on November 14, childrens day. The teaser reveals a great message to both the students and the teachers. The lead actors/actress affiliated the notion “Science isn’t just a subject, It’s a part of Living” very peculiarly, as shown in the trailer. The caption “Wings of Fire” indicates an aggressive note in the script, steeping up expectations.

The  main actors in this movie are Ajay Ghosh, Sowmya Venugopal, Sri madhavi Chandra Kuchibhotla, Suresh, Lohith Kumar, Chelly Swapna, Sujatha, Appaji Ambarisha Darbha,  Priyadarshi Pulikonda , Abhay Bethiganti, Teja Kakumanu  Sri Bharath reddy and  Smitha S Ranganathan. Well Known Music Director Ghantasala Vishwanath has scored music for the movie.

Taarajuvvalu HD Trailer/Teaser:

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