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The LONG power bank is the latest super fast power bank which is used for superfast charging of all devices. This LONG power bank is compatible with all the latest devices and a wide range of adapters. LONG has a 12 Lithium-ION battery with a large capacity of 36,000MAH. It produces an output current of 1500MAH and the unique thing is that the consumption in standby mode is almost less than 1MW. LONG takes as fast as 3 hours to charge 80 percentage of the battery and almost 4 hours to charge it fully. The battery power status is indicated by a LED light indicator. This supports all latest unique adapters like Mini USB, Micro USB, Apple([Lightning].Apple[A]), Nokia 2.0MM(Thin). This LONG power bank is 250 grams and is almost 90.5*60*21.5MM in dimensions. LONG comes with an external battery, USB cable plug, wall adapter, cover and a user manual.

LONG starts shipping in January 2017. 

This LONG helps to charge an iPad Mini to full charge up to 3 times, iPhone 6 full charge up to 4 times and almost 5 times of full charges on android devices.



  • This gadget charges till its full capacity and then stops without spoiling the battery itself.
  • This LONG power bank very fast compared to other power banks.Long Power Bank

 How To Use LONG

Battery Review

Long Power Bank Specifications:

  • Battery: LI-ION
  • Total Battery Capacity: 36000MAH
  • Voltage: 3.75IN
  • Output Current: 1500MAH
  • Charging Time(Max): 4 hours
  • Quick Charge Time: 3 hours (80% Charge)
  • Dimensions: 90.5*60*21.5MM
  • Weight: 250 Grams
  • Interfaces : Mini USB, Micro USB, Apple Lightning, Nokia 2.0MM (Thin)

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