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Pittagoda USA – Fortune Films, Inc. is foraying into overseas movie distribution market for Telugu movies and bringing a highly entertaining movie “Pittagoda” directed by Anudeep KV and produced by the highly successful, IIM-A grad, Ashta Chemma and Uyyala Jampala producer Ram Mohan P and is presented by Suresh Productions.

Pitta Goda is a two-hour film about the life of four youth and the hero’s love interest. There is no message as such. It is not an out and out Telangana film, but has a Karimnagar dialect. The slang is very informal and warm. He quips, “It is a serious script that is dealt in comic way. There are no punch dialogues, but the laughter comes from the innocence in the characters. Every scene relates to one’s life and is full of nostalgia.”

About the cast and crew, Anudeep says, “All the artists, at least 30 of them are being introduced in this film. Punarnavi is the only familiar face. Ram Mohan of Uyyala Jampala is the producer.”

Pittagoda USA

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