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Hudly Heads-Up Display|Hudly For Cars|Hudly Mirror For Your Phone

Heads-up Devices (HUD) were at first produced for military flying, demonstrating information on clear screens so pilots could keep their heads up while flying. We’re in a matter of seconds avid to pass on this development to your auto with Hudly Device. Hudly for cars expands your phone’s substance clearly in your distinguishable pathway while

iPhone 7 vs Samsung S7 Water Test

Here is the video of iPhone 7 vs Samsung S7 Deepwater test. It’s clearly shown that the Samsung s7 dies at 35 Feet water which is kept in water for 5 minutes where iPhone 7 still works with some screen issues. Finally, iPhone7 wins over Samsung S7. This video is going viral on social networks. Click Here

Man Smashes iPhones And Macs At Apple Store In France

Apple client backing is frequently appraised exceedingly all through the world, yet that doesn’t mean the organization dependably stays away from troubled clients. A disappointed client in France entered an Apple Store in Dijon yesterday and smoothly crushed gadgets before Apple staff and clients. No less than 10 iPhones were crushed with a boule metal

Mevo Livestream Camera Features & Reviews

Mevo is a single, static camera shots can make for some entirely exhausting narrating. In any case, you presumably don’t have entry to a bundle of cameras, individuals to work them, or a group of editors when it comes time to catch your child’s school play, youth baseball game or your carport band. With the

BlackBerry Stops Making Phones | BlackBerry Software

It’s official. BlackBerry, the Canadian company that invented the smartphone and addicted legions of road warriors to the “crackberry,” has stopped making its iconic handsets. Finally conceding defeat in a battle it had long ago lost toApple and Samsung Electronics. It is handing over production of the phones to overseas partners while it turns its

GoPro Karma Features, Specs, Pros & Cons

GOPRO HAS BEEN quiet for a while. Two years since the last Hero camera, just over a year since the smaller Session camera. And a rumored GoPro drone has remained a mystery while the competition in the skies continues to boil. Today, we get new GoPro goodies, and at first glimpse, they look great. The

Man Sues Samsung After Note7 Explodes in Pocket

A Florida man has filed a lawsuit against the company after his Note7 smartphone exploded in his pocket and resulted in severe burns on his right thigh. A Samsung spokesperson said that the company was aware of the lawsuit but that it doesn’t want to comment on it. The lawsuit seeks damages in excess of

Oco2: The Best Home Monitoring Camera

There is a great deal individual security cameras like Oco2 available and the greater part of every one of them do likewise. The motivation behind having HD observing camera is to screen your home, your friends and family, check whether your laborers are being beneficial and above all, for genuine feelings of serenity. These gadgets can

Ticwatch 2: The Most Interactive Smart Watch

Ticwatch 2 is a smartwatch made by Mobvoi, a Chinese based company founded by ex-Googlers. The company’s philosophy is basically the same and Google has now invested in it. Known for their Chumenwenwen (出门问问) software which is a powerful voice search engine/assistant they created a smartwatch designed by Frog. TicWatch 2 Four Main Interaction Methods Touch: