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Celluon Magic Cube Makes Any Surface As Keyboard

Using new technology the gadgets are manufactured in small size with technical features. This Smallest keyboard where the keyboard is not an object, it is the projection from the magic cube. The device can be used by connecting a PC or iPad  by mini USB cable and it is also charged when it is connected by Usb .

TouchJet Turns Any Surface Into A Touch Screen

We have seen numerous devices which can extend on any surface. Making that surface as a touchscreen is the key component of this contraption TouchJet lake pico projector. The contraption is modest and simple to convey and extend any film, presentations in the meeting, video calls. It has numerous info choices like HDMI, SD memory

IPin Laser Gadget for Your Smart Phone

As the innovation is enhancing the span of the every device is diminishing for the simple utilize and conveying the device. Presentations are displayed in numerous associations, they utilize the laser gadget to point the specific word on the screen. There is no need of conveying a gadget while introducing like mouse and laser. The

Digital Pen That Records Everything You Write

A computerized/Digital pen is an info gadget which catches the hand-writing or brush strokes of a person, changes over written by hand simple data made utilizing “pen and paper” into advanced information, empowering the information to be used in different applications. For instance, the written work information can be digitized and transferred to a PC

Glass Disc Can Store 360 TB of Data For 13.8 Billion Years

The new innovation where we can store the information more than a billion year. Researchers made a nanostructured glass plate which can store 360 TB advanced information for 13.8 billion years. The gigantic measure of information on this circle is put away utilizing laser composing. As the position of information and size assumes a part