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IPin Laser Gadget for Your Smart Phone

As the innovation is enhancing the span of the every device is diminishing for the simple utilize and conveying the device. Presentations are displayed in numerous associations, they utilize the laser gadget to point the specific word on the screen. There is no need of conveying a gadget while introducing like mouse and laser. The

WhatsApp To Add Callback, Voicemail and Zip File Sharing

India’s #1 social messaging app WhatsApp which is owned by Facebook has turned seven years old earlier this week. WhatsApp is trying to keep extra security features and take care its customers. WhatsApp added a lot of new features in the past months and is now about to add few more features. WhatsApp for iOS

HotSchedules For Apple, Android and Windows

HotSchedules was founded in Austin, Texas in the late 90’s by Ray Pawlikowski and David Cantu – restaurateurs who had a vision for how to help restaurants work smarter through the use of technology. They decided to tackle one problem in particular: old-school scheduling practices. When one of them was asked to build a Website

Digital Pen That Records Everything You Write

A computerized/Digital pen is an info gadget which catches the hand-writing or brush strokes of a person, changes over written by hand simple data made utilizing “pen and paper” into advanced information, empowering the information to be used in different applications. For instance, the written work information can be digitized and transferred to a PC

Glass Disc Can Store 360 TB of Data For 13.8 Billion Years

The new innovation where we can store the information more than a billion year. Researchers made a nanostructured glass plate which can store 360 TB advanced information for 13.8 billion years. The gigantic measure of information on this circle is put away utilizing laser composing. As the position of information and size assumes a part

Sony To Bring 2 Step Verification for PSN

Sony came up with a new idea for improving the security for its PlayStation Network (PSN) in respect to hacks involving the PSN. Sony will be implementing the latest security measure of Two-Step Verification for its PlayStation Network. In order to add security to its PlayStation user’s sony has taken this security measure to implement

Skull Echoes Turns Into Passwords

The new trend is now skull echoes are turned into passwords. Human memory is weak, so weak familiar terms. To avoid these familiar terms in passwords, with numbers , capitalization, and special characters. These are complicated and humans forget them easily as they have to answer security questions which will be familiar to a person which

LIX The World’s Smallest 3D Printing Pen

The World’s smallest circular 3D printing pen has been introduced by LIX. Now, writing and drawing in the air is now possible with this pen which works similarly as a 3D printer. It’s a perfect tool for stylists, architects, designers and anybody who are interested in 3D printing. It contains a Lix plastic, Where it

How to add multiple destinations in Google Maps in Android

Google Maps provides directions between one start point and a destination in your Android smartphone. The application is not prepared to give route options to somebody making a trip from spot A to B by means of C, D or E or different destinations. The search giant hasn’t dropped any hints to introduce it anytime soon either.

How to login with multiple facebook accounts in iPhone

Friendly Social is an app for all your facebook, Instagram and messenger needs. This app helps in saving space on your device. This app is designed for both iPhone and iPad versions. This app requires iOS 7.1 or later version for working. It is sold by Friendly App Studio LLC and is released in English and French